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Re: [BKARTS] cords versus tapes


Both are right. It's really a matter of what you want and what you consider
strength. Tapes, if they are heavy enough and of the right weave are definitely
stronger than sunken or sawn-in cords. Raised cords can be of almost any
weight and, therefore can be tremendously strong. If they are heavy enough and
laced-in as well as being made of a long lasting fiber, they would certainly be
stronger than tapes. But that doesn't mean that they will be longer lasting. A
board is stronger than a sheet of paper. But, if I flex it often enough, the
board fall in two, whereas the sheet of paper shows no effect whatever. Tapes
are more flexible than cords.

There is another method to consider; sewing onto canvas that is as wide as
the binding side of the book. a sheet of canvas (especially a twill) will be
much stronger than a few tapes. And yet, it will be just as flexible. The
drawbacks of this method are the length of time necessary to sew it and added
difficulty in managing the book when gluing up the spine.




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