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Re: [BKARTS] Storing Books

On July 15, 2004 17:50, Kevin Thomas wrote:
> I make limited edition artist books and am looking for ideas on how you all
> store books that are waiting in inventory. After I complete an edition, the
> books might sit in my studio for a couple of years until they sell. What is
> the best way to store them?
> Currently I have them in plastic Rubbermaid boxes with lids, but they still
> seems to get a bit dusty. A friend of mine wraps each of her books in paper
> before storing. I've hear of someone using those "cello" envelopes, but
> they seem expensive and I'm not sure if they are acid fee?
> Any other ideas for ways to keep them clean, scuff-free and organized?
> Thanks!
> Kevin

Hi Kevin,

How I about shrink wrapping them. You can buy a roll of shrink wrap to begin
with. It is cheap and quick to do the job.



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