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[BKARTS] spraying/painting bookcloth

Bill Minter wrote:
It has been my experience that spraying natural finish bookcloth with
Krylon tends to raise the small fibers

This happened to me also, when I painted a light coat of gesso/acrylic medium (to protect a cloth cover I had dyed and silkscreened myself for a cookbook). I assume the moisture must swell the fibres and make some of them stick out.

Because of the bumpiness mentioned, this was very unsatisfying to the
touch.  I had nothing to lose and therefore I sanded it very lightly
with 220.  Voila - bumps were gone immediately and a pleasant smooth
surface resulted - not the same as rough fabric, nor like smooth
paper, somewhere in between, and nice.  With Krylon spray you might
achieve even more fabric-like texture.

I used 220 grit because it was what I had on hand, but perhaps an
even finer grade would be better and give you more control.
Henrietta in Blue Hill Maine


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