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[BKARTS] ltd edition book on eBay

Hi everybody,

I'm working on a new bunch of bookbinding-related items for eBay and will
post in a week or two.  However, in the meantime I have listed ONE item today
from my personal collection that might be of interest to anyone collecting
limited edition books. It's a commemorative book by Walter Cronkite about man's
first landing on the moon (35 yrs today). If anyone would like to take a look at
it, go to eBay, click on "browse", then click on "seller's search" where you
type in my eBay name GAUNYGIRL to get to it.  Or, copy and paste the following
address if it appears below:

This is the first time I have posted a notice about a non-bookbinding related
item. Hope no one minds!  I used to own Bookbinder's Warehouse, a bookbinding
supply company, and I originally bought this book because I had supplied all
the black leather that was used on it. Please pardon if anyone feels this
notice is inappropriate for the list, but I think there are book collectors
amongst you who might be interested.

Karen Gauny Crisalli, long-time list member and usually only a lurker these


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