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[BKARTS] gold finishing

Dear Don:
  I just purchased a Kwikprint 55 on EBAY.  It was in excellent condition
and had a lot of extras:  many boxes of fonts, rolls of colored foil, a
neat automatic temperature setting device.  I followed your protocol in
stamping:  make an imprint first, etc., keep the temp at 250 degrees.
(That temp seems to work for me too.)  After the stamping I do a very mild
rub with a copper squeegee, and then a brief swip with naptha.  This,
suggested in my bookbinding book,  cleans up any unwelcome bits of foil.
On all types of leather the results have been, well, beyond my wildest
expectations--- just beautiful.  Your technique seems to work with other
than gold foils, too, for instance, the multicolored foils that were
included with the Kwikprint.
    I'm now experimenting with coverings other than leather, for instance,
nugahyde.  These coverings pose challenges, yet I want to use them, because
they are cheap, for covering many old books of instrumental music.  They
just don't seem to take the stamping very well.  If you hear anything about
handling these materials, would you let me know?
    And thanks for the solid advice.


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