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[BKARTS] Equipment Auction 7/21/04


I have quite a few things I am offering for sale. Some of which I will list

With an auction like format, I will accept offers on each item for ten days
starting 7/21/04

Item 1.  17" job backer:   opening bid $250.00
        2. Potdevin Gluing machine 21":    opening bid $150.00.
        3. Electric jogger (Syntron type)  8 1/2 x 14;   opening bid $50.00
        4. Litho stone 12 x 16    Current bid  $40.00
  5. Litho stone 18 x 21  Current bid  $20.00
        6. Kensol  L model goldstamping machine with swivel head
                            opening bid. $500.00
        7. Challenge guillotine type paper cutter. 19" manually operated
            top with three (3) knives.   opening bid $300.00


Item 8.  Spinnet Paper drill (table top):   opening bed $100.00
        9.  Hold-Heat Glue Pot   2qt         :   opening bid     25.00
       10. Proof Press (Display Equipment Co.)   10 5/8"  with Brayers
                      opening bid:  $50.00
       11. Small sewing frame 14"  (almost new)  no keys required.

                      opening bid:  $85.00
       12.  Small Copy Press  13x10     opening bid:  $150.00

Please call for information.  E-mail picture available.
All items F.O.B.  Wilmington, DE

Best regards,

Ed Stansell
Craft Bookbinding Co.
Wilmington, DE  19810


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