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Re: [BKARTS] Bounce sheets and other alternatives

Water-damaged and/or potentially moldy books aren't 'saved' per se, by
freezing.  Typically freezing (in a home or commercial freezer) is used
in emergencies to prevent mold outbreaks from occurring before help can
be given to the books.  By freezing and then thawing out, books can be
salvaged on a conservator's time frame rather than racing against the
clock in the first 2-3 days of an emergency. Once thawed, they can be
treated with various fungicidal methods to remove the threat of mold
development.  Freezing such as one can do at home will not kill mold
spores.  It will just delay their blooming until conditions are better
(hot and humid).

There are processes known as freeze-drying and vacuum freeze-drying
which have their applications in conservation.  In these, the moisture
is removed from books as they are frozen, preventing ice crystal

Doug Sanders
> I'm going to try the freezer.  Remember, this is how water damaged
books are
> saved.  I don't think it can do any harm, although I'm open to other
> expertise.

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