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Re: [BKARTS] Bounce sheets and other alternatives

Please trust me on this one.  Freezing will not kill mold spores.  Mold
goes through a life cycle- in terms of conservation people speak of
active and inactive(dormant) mold.  Active mold consists of what are
called fruiting bodies.  Freezing may dessicate them somewhat and stop
active mold growth, and the remains can be brushed off, but you are not
killing the mold spores.  They will come right back at around 65%RH or
higher for more than 2 days.
Cyclical freezing will kill insects but not mold.
There is also concern voiced about freezing gelatin prints, within the
conservation community.

I'd be a little cautious also using vinegar (an acid) in cleaning
gelatin prints after mold.  Mold feeds on the gelatin and can weaken the
structure holding the image.  Vinegar (acetic acid) also solubilizes
gelatin, and can cause denaturing to occur (gelatin being a
proteinaceous material)

For lots of helpful info about mold, people can check out this link:

-Doug Sanders

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> Works on old gelatin photographic prints.  Sometimes in a home freezer
> you have to repeat the process a couple of times, and if stubborn
> remain they can be removed with a tweezer after light daubing with a
> Q-Tip dipped in vinegar.
> Susan

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