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Re: [BKARTS] Bounce sheets and other alternatives

In a message dated 7/21/2004 1:59:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
jennybean@xxxxxxx writes:

>> Now when I have a  really moldy book...

I would love to know the best way to deal with this problem! I have asthma
and many allergies, mold being my worst nemesis. I have purchased several pricey
out-of-print reference books via internet, that arrived smelling either of
smoke or mold.

 What I do is take a large pile of newsprint and interleave some every couple
of pages within my smelly "new" book. Then gently, carefully so as not to
damage the spine, I put the whole thing into a double paper grocery bag,
clothespin the bag shut, and put it in close range of one of my dehumidifiers. (I live
in a 1925 home in soggy Florida, and try to maintain the humidity at 40% in
my studio and in the room where my best books are kept.)

Depending on how badly the book smells, I will check it after a couple of
weeks, and if necessary, remove the newspaper which has now absorbed the odor,
and repeat the process until no smell remains. It has worked pretty well for me,
except that I get impatient when it's a fabulous book that I want to look at,
 that gives me coughing fits and sends me for the emergency inhaler when I
peruse it before it's "done".

My husband has vacuumed the cover for me if there is obvious mold -- I got a
book from England in this condition.  It had a plastic-protected dust jacket,
and the fabric cover of the book underneath had actual spots of mold on it. It
has gotten the full "treatment" several times. I wouldn't say it is totally
odor-free, but it no longer makes me cough, and my husband doesn't detect the
smell. I don't leave it on the shelf next to others -- afraid it might spread
-- does anyone know on this?? And if it is in a plastic bag, is it setting up a
spore habitat? I am not sure if the mold is gone (none visible) or just the

I do know that newspaper is highly acidic, and I hope I am not damaging
anything. But the alternative for me is not breathing. Which is not a good day.

Advice is more than welcome!!!

Now back to lurking,


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