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Re: [BKARTS] Bounce sheets and other alternatives

Ginger, et. al.,

Your solution, interleaving with (dry) newsprint is just
fine.  Newsprint is acidic, but it is clean and dry; therefore
what is wrong with the other paper will migrate to the newsprint.

However, it does take some watching.  Do not leave the newsprint
interleaved with the 'good' paper for more than about 3 days, that
being the minimum time (on average - see how we conservators hedge
our bets...) for mold to develop, if growth conditions are favorable.

If you leave the interleaving newsprint in place too long, acids will
begin to migrate back to the 'good' paper.

As to setting the book/magazine in a plastic bag, please don't.
You are thereby creating a good environment for the propogation
of mold.

If the book/magazine is dry and smells almost right (whatever 'right'
may mean to your nose) consider leaving it outside, splayed out on
a lightly overcast day which has little or no breeze to turn the pages
and let the UV (ultra-violet) portion of daylight eliminate mold spores,
adding some freshness from the air.

Will the UV shorten the life of paper and cause some colors to fade?
Yes.  But not much on a quiet afternoon.

There's more.  The inner hinge will smell longer than the pages; the
hollow of hollow-bound books will smell longer than the inner hinge,
but you can't have everything; not all at once.

And if the text is more important than the paper, make a good photocopy
or scan the pages (at at least 300 dpi).  If the original paper/text is
important, take the book apart (pull the textblock), wash, dry, and press
the pages, resew the textblock and rebind it.

Good luck with your projects,


>In a message dated Wed, 21 Jul 2004 22:39:47 EDT,
>Ginger  Meidel <Gingerscribe@xxxxxxx> writes:
>I would love to know the best way to deal with this problem!


> What I do is take a large pile of newsprint and interleave
>some every couple of pages within my smelly "new" book.


>My husband has vacuumed the cover for me if there is obvious mold --


>And if it is in a plastic bag, is it setting up a spore habitat?
>I am not sure if the mold is gone (none visible) or just the smell.
>I do know that newspaper is highly acidic, and I hope I am not damaging
>anything. But the alternative for me is not breathing. Which is not a good
>Advice is more than welcome!!!
>Now back to lurking,

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