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[BKARTS] Musty smelling books

To add my "two cents worth" on this subject,

I suggest that the first choice would be Jack's suggestion
of fresh air and fanning the book.  However, this can be
time consuming if dealing with two boxes of books.

I also suggest that you can create a "microchamber" by getting
a clean garbage can, putting a container of baking soda (a box or more)in
the bottom.  Cover the baking soda with something (a plastic
crate or such will do) then standing the fanned books on or in the
crate or platform.  This environment should be checked every
few days and if the odor is not clear in a week, change the
baking soda weekly until all odor is absorbed.  The baking soda
should not come in contact with the books.  The length of time
this process takes will depend on how musty the books are and the
environment in which you live.

Baking soda is often used in refrigerators and freezers to eliminate
unwanted odors.

I hope this helps, but, I'd like to hear from those who would question
this method of musty smell removal as well.

Jane Brown
Charleston, SC


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