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[BKARTS] Removing mustiness from old journals

A couple alterations to Ed's suggestion of ethanol- I add a couple tablespoons of woodruff to the ethanol (100%) and let it infuse for a few days. This seems to do an adequate job when misted over the pages of the musty books a leaves a faint, but pleasant, odor. To kill mold I will dilute this with 30% water and take precautions to allow the pages to dry well. The water softens the cell walls of the mold spores allowing the alcohol to pass through.

>I thought it was on this list that I had seen a remedy for the musty
>smell of journals or books stored perhaps in a too-damp location, but I
>have not found it in the archives. We've received a gift of 2 boxes of
>such journals that are a title we would really like to keep. They are
>not (obviously) moldy or mildewy but have that smell. Is there some
>fumigant that will dissipate the smell without being dangerous for
>people to breathe or bad for the paper? Thanks for any suggestions -
>Anna Gieschen, WHSIC, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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