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Re: [BKARTS] musty smells

I've gotta be having a case of deja-vu, because didn't this come up
recently in the List where someone looked into various brands of cat
litter and found only one or two had an odor absorbing ingredient?
Maybe I'm dreaming... There's a lot listed in the archives on this
At any rate, there are a class of minerals, natural and also man-made,
called zeolites (sometimes also spelled xeolites) that are nicknamed
'molecular sieves'.  They can be engineered to absorb gases of varying
molecular sizes and are effective in absorbing molecules one might not
want floating around.  They've been used in water softeners and
deionizers, kitty litter and also conservation storage supplies.  Sold
under the trade name "Microchamber", by Conservation Resources, these
tiny zeolites are sandwiched in a layer between cardstock and used for
boxes and folders.  I've had experience with using them successfully for
a photo album that smelled vinegary from the cellulose acetate film on
each page, and also for a post-fire smoky batch of documents.  In a few
days of storage in the magic box, the odor was noticeably reduced.

Apparently, zeolites are in odor-eater shoe inserts.  These seem a
little more benign than dusty, perfumed kitty litter.  Give it a try
with two or three in a box with your smelly book for a few days and see
what happens.

Doug Sanders

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