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Re: [BKARTS] musty smells

I've used kitty litter for several years.  Having asked a few friends
in the conservation community about what to do for this problem and
getting no input, a used book dealer told me what he did.  He buried
the book in kitty litter, the kind with a deodorant in it, leaving it
there for a couple of weeks.

When I do this, I first wrap the book in med-weight Pellon (spun
polyester fabric, used to interface lapels, collars, and cuffs in
sewing).  The wrapped book is laid on a layer of litter, then covered
with more litter. I use a polyethylene box with a lid and leave
everything for two + weeks.  It SEEMS to work.  Wrapping the book keeps
litter dust and particles from getting into the pages, etc. without
putting an impermeable barrier in the way.

I've tried baking soda with little success.  I use one of the low-end
litters, something with an odor-absorbent in it, such as "Tidy Cat",
not the more expensive "clumping" types.  The stuff will last a long
time before needing to be replaced.

Eugene, OR

On Thursday, July 22, 2004, at 08:25 AM, Maurene Fritz/Yehuda Miklaf wrote:

I have heard that a good way to remove musty smells (without adding
obnoxious new ones) is to bury the book in kitty litter.



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