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Re: [BKARTS] [Fwd: ?Removing mustiness from old journals]

My teacher says noting beats sunlight for getting rid of the odor.  I
have had some success with sealing the odiferous material in a plastic
tub along with some activated charcoal for about 3 months.  Sunlight
works in a day or two, if you are not worried about fading and have time
to baby-sit the journals.  Activated charcoal is available in bulk from
the fish department of your local pet superstore.

Jim North

P. S. Be sure to change the charcoal periodically and open the journal
to a new page at the same time.

I thought it was on this list that I had seen a remedy for the musty
smell of journals or books stored perhaps in a too-damp location, but I
have not found it in the archives. We've received a gift of 2 boxes of
such journals that are a title we would really like to keep. They are
not (obviously) moldy or mildewy but have that smell. Is there some
fumigant that will dissipate the smell without being dangerous for
people to breathe or bad for the paper? Thanks for any suggestions -


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