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Re: [BKARTS] auctions


I am only making 10% on this auction.  When you figure my time has value, I'm
getting very little as it is. Ebay fees would give me a net loss.



Well, if you post it the once on ebay, the computer does all the other calculations for you, so you certainly aren't spending the time it takes you to send the emails, and reply to these emails, keep track of bids, and quibble about how many posts you should make whether or not it is worth your time....

And although this list  is the prime market for the stuff you are
selling, you never know who else is out there willing to pay prime
dollar for something...  for whatever reason.

And there is all kinds of free help on the site, including their fee
schedule, html help and uploading pictures, if you have never used it
 If you are selling these for someone, of course you should consider
the auction fees as part of your cost.


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