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[BKARTS] selling things on the listserv

I have been thinking about Ed selling things on this listserv. Here we have a little community of people who enjoy the same sort of things, and we talk back and forth with ideas, opinions, and knowledge. We are fairly civil (at least compared to some other listservs I am on)... Very rarely do we get off the topic and get into politics or goofy rants about non-book subjects. The director of the list keeps this very tight.  Everyonce in a while people have things they want to get rid of that are book/printing related. Sometimes for free, sometimes for a price.It is casual and colleagial.  I know we can sell things on Ebay. I have done a lot of selling and buying there. It is often a pain. It is kind of the Walmart of selling used things. I rather like the idea, old fashioned and simple as it is, of just offering to sell things within our like-minded group. It seems sort of neighborly and personal.  If someone has things for sale and doesn't know a fair price, or wants to give everyone a chance to bid (because maybe you were gone for a day or so, and couldn't be the first member to respond), a simple auction is a fine idea. I would suggest that once the list of items is posted, that all the rest of the auction be done off-list, and the seller can do a group mailing each day to the bidders, after the new bids have been put on. Any new bidder can save the original posting and join in at any time. Thus, very little bother to non-interested members. Maybe towards the end of the auction, post the items one more time so that members can see what is happening.  For those members that get in a snit because their time has been wasted reading a subject line that immediately says the word "auction"..... push the Delete button. At most, three seconds of your time on earth have elapsed.  Let's be thankful that we have the opportunity to sell things amongst ourselves without all the bureaucratic nonsense of Ebay. Just keep it simple. 
John Deason, Prairie Rose Press, Muscatine, Iowa

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