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[BKARTS] Center for Book Arts fall class schedule

The Center for Book Arts is located at 28 West 27th Street in New York
City. Call 212 481-0295 to register.

The schedule below is not yet at the printer or on the website, so you are
getting an early bird chance to register for classes before they fill.
Enrollment is VERY limited mostly 8 students, sometimes 10), so they do
fill quickly. Scroll down to see the entire schedule of aboout 80 classes,
or read the next exciting paragraph.

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration we are instituting a new
Masterclass series. These classes and workshops are expected to draw
advanced practitioners from across the country and abroad.  The first
workshop will be held the weekend of October 16-17:

Masterclass in Typography with  Robert Bringhurst

His 1992 book The Elements of Typographic Style (now in its second edition)
became an instant classic. In 1993 he delivered the American Printing
History Association?s Lieberman Lecture at UCLA; in 1997, the University of
Iowa?s annual Brownell Lecture on the History of the Book; in 1998 the
Georg Svensson Lecture at the RoyalLibrary, Stockholm; and in 2001, the
culminating lecture of the San Francisco Zapfest.

Students should bring to the first session a typographic project they are
currently working on or one they have completed. This might be a book, a
poster, a font, or something else. The medium might be digital or metal,
and the work can be at any stage -- pencil sketch, laser proof, press
proof, or finished. A further project will be assigned at the Saturday
session, to be worked on overnight and reviewed on Sunday.

October 16 & 17, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4pm  $395 [$370 for members]


For details & registration information see our website:
This schedule should be on the website next week, but you can call right
now to reserve a place in a class.


Class Size limited to ten students
Paper Marbling  Lauren Rowland   September 11 & 12
Japanese Bookbinding  Yukari Hayashida  September 18 & 19
Paste Papers    Sage Reynolds   September 18
Bookbinding for Teachers Stephanie Krause  Section 1: September 19
FALL OPEN HOUSE   CBA Staff   September 26
Soft Cover Leather Bound Books  Biruta Auna   October 2 & 3
Cut, Cover & Stitch I   Benjamin D. Rinehart  October 2 & 3
How to Bind Five Eggs   Kumi Korf   October 9 & 10
Illuminated Manuscripts Weekend Workshop   Karen Gorst  October 9 & 10
Basic Bookbinding   Susan Mills   October 16 & 17
Cut, Cover & Stitch II   Benjamin D. Rinehart  October 16 & 17
*Changing Wheels, Image Dissolves and Slides Emily Martin  October 23
*Flexagons    Emily Martin   October 24
Two Book in a Box   Barbara Mauriello  October 23 & 24
All About the Accordion  Barbara Mauriello   October 30 & 31
*Slipcases    Carolyn Chadwick  October 30 &31
Coptic Binding   Susan Mills   November 6 & 7
*Long Stitch/ Link Stitch  Pamela Spitzmueller  November 6 & 7
8 ½  x 11: Making Books in the Classroom     Paula Krieg  November 13 & 14
Gift Books, Cards & Ornaments  Benjamin D. Rinehart  November 13 & 14
Basic Bookbinding in Leather Susan Mills   November 20 & 21
*Japanese Style Bookbinding with Hardcovers   Yukari Hayashida   November
20 & 21
Bookbinding for Teachers Stephanie Krause  Section 2: December 4
Tunnel Books    Carol Barton   December 4 & 5 Miniature Books III   Maria
G. Pisano   December 5
HOLIDAY SALE   CBA Staff   Dec 11 &12

Weeknights in the Bindery
Class size limited to eight students
Bookbinding I   Sage Reynolds    Section 1: Sept. 27- Dec. 6
Bookbinding I   Nancy Loeber                        Section 2: Sept. 30 ?
Dec. 16
Bookbinding II  Sage Reynolds    Sept.  29- Dec. 1
Artist?s Books: Alternative Structures Benjamin D. Rinehart  Oct 6- Nov.10
Italic Calligraphy   Karen Gorst  October 28- December 2
Library Style Binding  Sage Reynolds  November 9- December 14
Stencil/Pochoirs ?Printing with Paper?        Beatrice Coron  Nov. 15 ?
Dec. 6

Weekdays in the Bindery
Class size limited to eight students
*Ethiopian Binding with a Leather Carrying Case Shanna Leino September 13 -
Portfolio Workshop   Sage Reynolds  Section 1: September 23
Bookbinding I Intensive  Nancy Loeber  Section 1: October 4 - 8
*Toolbox with Collapsible Cradle Denise Carbone   October 8
Bookbinding I Intensive   Susan Mills   Section 2: Oct. 11- 15
Bookbinding II Intensive  Larry Lou Foster  Section 1: Oct. 11 -15
Bookbinding for Artists  Barbara Mauriello  October 18- 22
Bookbinding I Daytime Workshop Susan Mills   Oct. 18 ? Nov.15
Bookbinding II Daytime Workshop  Susan Mills   Oct. 21 ? Nov. 18
Cutting Through   Beatrice Coron   October 25
Wood Covered Books   Peter Madden   November 1 - 5
Boxes and Portfolios   Barbara Mauriello  November 8- 12
*Bound & Boxed    Benjamin Rinehart  November 17- 19
Bookbinding II Intensive  Susan Mills   Nov. 29- Dec. 3
Bookbinding I Intensive   Laurel Parker   Section 3: Dec. 6 - 10
Diorama and Carrousel Books Maria G. Pisano   December 10
*Paper Treatments   Laurel Parker   December 13 -17


Class size limited to eight students
Beginning Letterpress Intensive        Jessica Kahle  Section 1: Sept. 11 &
Typesetting and the Platen Press  Richard Meneely  September 18
Two-sided Paste Papers   Rory Golden   September 19
*Printing the Miniature Book  Champe Carter Smith  October 2 & 3
Printshop Renters Training Workshop          CBA Staff Section 1: October 3

Guillotine Training Workshop  CBA Staff  Section 1: October 3
Beginning Letterpress Intensive Jessica Kahle              Section 2:
October 9 & 10
Masterclass in Typography Robert Bringhurst  October 16 & 17
Rubber Stamps    Rand Huebsch   October 23
The Handwritten Text   Karen Gorst   October 24
Beginning Letterpress Intensive Champe Smith  Section 3: October 30 & 31
Holiday & Greeting Cards from Polymer Plates Roni Gross November 13 & 14
Introduction to Photopolymer Plates Earl Kallemeyn   November 20 & 21
Beginning Letterpress Intensive  Sara Parkel Section 4: December 4 & 5
Printshop Renters Training Workshop CBA Staff Section 3: December 5
Guillotine Training Workshop  CBA Staff Section 3: December 5
Holiday Sale    CBA Staff  December 11 & 12

Class size limited to eight students
Monotype Workshop   Elena Laza  September 13 & 20
Hands On History of Type  Dikko Faust  Sept. 15- Nov. 3
Letterpress I Workshop  Sara Parkel  Section 1: Sept.16- Oct. 28
Digital Letterpress Project Workshop   Roni Gross October 12 ? November 30
The Artist?s Book: Concept & Direction    Mikhail Magaril     October 18-
November 22
Printshop Renter Training Workshop  CBA Staff Section 2: November 4
Guillotine Training Workshop  CBA Staff Section 2: November 4
Letterpress I Workshop   Sara Parkel Section 2: Nov. 10- Dec.15
Wood and Metal Type in Combination Elena Laza  December 6 & 13
Class size limited to eight students
Japanese Water-based Woodblock Printing  Takuji Hamanaka November 15 -19

Offsite papermaking classes at Dobbin Mill
Class size limited to eight students
Working at the Speed of Light: From Paper to Book in Two Days
 Robbin Ami Silverberg November 6 & 7

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