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[BKARTS] rippled or warped pages

Hello all,
I was surprised to not be able to find much about this topic in the archives, please let me know if I should look there using different terminology...
Meanwhile, my question is this: Some books have been brought into my studio by a friend and the pages have ripples in them. These hard-back books are 9 inches wide, 6 inches tall, 30 pages or so. Grain runs parallel to spine. I don't know the original cause of the rippling, nor do I know how long they've been like this. The covers are not warped (luckily). The ripples are wide and pretty "soft", yet noticeable, especially to the touch. I'd say the average width of the vertical ripples are around 1.5 cm. The humidity, or change of climate ?, that caused this wasn't too extreme I'm guessing. The books are certainly dry now. I put them in the press and clamped down good and hard, they've been there a couple days like that. No change so far. Do I just need to wait longer? Any other tricks? 

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