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Re: [BKARTS] auctions--ebay


For binding tools on ebay search both bookbind* and
"bookbind*". The asterisk serves as a truncation, so that one
search covers bookbinding, bookbinders, bookbinders', and
so on. The quotation marks ensure that the two words are in
order, so that you don't get false hits that just happen to have
the two words.  Lots and lots of nipping presses (almost all of
them unmodified copy presses, maybe half a dozen or more
per week) go through under "book press*".

You will turn up more books on binding than tools, and a lot of
the small tools that turn up are new at new (or higher) prices.
Worthwhile tools tend to come up in spurts, as a non-binder
acquires a bindery and feeds the tools in piecemeal, and they
rarely go at bargain prices. Be prepared for a lot of music by
Roy Bookbinder and memorabilia from Bookbinders'
Restaurant in Philadelphia.

Tom Conroy

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