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Re: [BKARTS] Cialux & Iris (rayon paper backed) bookcloth

I've had better luck with the Japanese cloths available through Hiromi,
Campbell-Logan, and, I think also, Talas.  Some are incredibly weak and
will wear out the corners very quickly.  Others are pretty durable (I
used a shantung-type slub for a travel journal which I carried around
France for 3 weeks, using it daily).  I've also used the smooth finish
cloths for small items that I carry around a lot.  These cloths are
more forgiving than the Cialux and Iris, and I like them a lot better.

I've had no problem whatever working the Cialux and Iris, but I prefer
the Japanese cloths.

Eugene, OR

On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, at 11:59 AM, Peter Verheyen wrote:

I've used both, and find that with care neither is a problem in terms
handling, gluing out, working with... Experience and neatness help,
and are
critical as with everything we do.

Due to the texture of the cloth, it does pick up dirt easily, but can
be cleaned easily by lifting it with tape. Note, this does not go for
rubbed in glue, water stains, or the like. Strength, it's not
terrific, but
for books getting "normal" use, including nice editions it's no worse
a nice paper.

I have some "coffee table" books which have used this kind of cloth and
they're just fine.



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