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Re: [BKARTS] Iris (rayon paper backed) bookcloth experience

In a message dated 7/28/2004 2:20:33 AM Pacific Standard Time,
moni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I've used Iris Book Cloth for several years, mainly for boxes. My boxes have
been handled a fair amount...in  private library usage and show no signs of
wear or dirt. It is very nice to work with and because of the fine grain of the
cloth, it makes very tidy corners. Of course, it is unforgiving as is any
plain weave cloth. No book cloth really can handle past drops, water stains etc
unless it's a vinylized material. Working with iris and other fine textured
bookcloths like some of the Japanese silks is the best teacher in the world in
terms of teaching scrupulous care in handling the pasting as well as attention to
clean working surfaces and hands. (Keep a wet washcloth and a dry toweI on
the bench while pasting and use them frequently!) I don't think you can use the
term "Japanese" bookcloth as a definition because there are many different
papers which are Japanese. Some are plain weave silks, some are ribbed
silks(called repp like repp ties); some are brocades. So one needs to examine the
individual piece of bookcloth and determine for oneself how much care needs to be
exercised. I find that heavy bookcloth, Like a heavy linen is harder to use
because it's difficult to get neat corners if the fiber of the cloth is rough. Or
if the backing paper is a little bit heavier than it should be.
I get my Iris and my Japanese (Asahi) papers from Talas, by the way.
Good luck with your edition...
Nancy Bloch


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