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Re: [BKARTS] identifying typefaces

Jet Wimp wrote:

    I have recently purchased a large number of typefaces through EBAY.
These are packaged with identifying numbers M 609, M 534, etc.
    Does anyone know how to identify these typefaces with the usual
designations (Roman, Palatino, Bodini) given in the "Encyclopedia of
    Thanks for your help.

If you open the files with a text editor you will usually see a description. Do not save them in the text editor, though, or you may ruin the files.

If they are TrueType, you can try installing them on your system, which
will indentify them if they contain descriptors. Same goes for Type1
fonts but depending on your system you may need Adobe Type Manager.

There are several different utilities for Mac and Windows that enable
you to preview fonts, too.

If they don't have descriptors, you will have to print them out and
identify them by eye.

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