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[BKARTS] Closure of FinePressBook

Paul Romaine and I are closing the FinePressBook Yahoo group site by
September 1, 2004. If you currently are linked to this site, please
remove the bookmark from your list or website.

The primary focus of FPB, that of fine press printing and publishing,
will be incorporated into our sister site, the more active and much
larger PPLetterpress, which is being broadened in its scope.
FinePressBook members and other interested parties are invited to join
PPL at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PPLetterpress. The group
description follows:

PPLetterpress is a forum and clearinghouse on studio-letterpress. While
the primary focus has been on printing with digital type and the
photopolymer plate process, the group site also encompasses other
investigative and exploratory printing and typographic techniques, as
well as historical and contemporary fine press practices and concerns.
The fastest growing letterpress related listserv on the web;
PPLetterpress serves as both a discussion list and reference site with
comprehensive links and other resources on type and typography,
experimental and traditional printing, and related interests.

To view or join PPLetterpress go to:
Or via e-mail
Subscribe: PPLetterpress-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gerald Lange and Paul Romaine


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