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[BKARTS] American Decorated Publishers' Bindings 1872-1929

Dear Friends,

Currently I am preparing an exhibition in the Book Art Gallery attached to
my house near Hudson, NY of American Decorated Publishers' Bindings,
1872-1929.  There are over 200 items, which will be for sale as a complete
catalogued collection with an essay that I am writing.

What is fascinating about the book covers of this period, besides their
intrinsic beauty, is that you see designs that predate the art movement or
graphic design paradigm one normally associates with their visual form. In
the period 1880-1885, in particular, there are book covers that are not
only ahead of their time in binding design (precursors, innovations), but
embody spatial concepts and relationships that one associates with
Constructivist, Futurist, Bauhaus and Deco movements that occur decades
later. Publishers often issued the same edition in different bindings to
suit different tastes, and one sees Victorian, Art Nouveau, and other
styles that defy pigeonholing on different copies of the same book.

It makes one rethink the traditional notion that binding design follows
aesthetic movements, and suggests that artists in other media might have
evolved their process or been stimulated by a visit to the bookstore, or
from the covers of children's books that had entered their unconscious at
an early age.

The catalog so far includes covers designed by

Edwin Austin Abbey
Margaret Armstrong
Will Bradley
Alfred Brennan
Evelyn W. Clark
Walter Crane
Earl Stetson Crawford
Esther M. Crawford
W.H. Denslow
George Wharton Edwards
Theodore Brown Hapgood
Frank Hazenplug
Edward Stratton Holloway
Adrian Iorio
Harry B. Matthews
Alice Cordelia Morse
William Dana Orcutt
Amy Richards
Rome K. Richardson
Rachael Robertson
Bertha Rogers
Will Schrank
Frank Berkeley Smith
W.E.B. Starkweather
Lee and Henry Thayer (The Decorative Designers)
Sarah Wyman Whitman

Many of the books in this collection are exhibition quality (fine to very
fine condition), and others are for reference (good to very good).

The price of the collection today is $16,500.00, but rising, since it is
constantly being added to and copies are replaced with ones in better
condition as they become available.

I will soon be sending out invitations to view the exhibition at a
reception mid-August. If you would like to receive an invitation, please
e-mail me OFF-LIST.  I can't reply to on-list requests becuae I view the
postings in the archive, where the e-mail addresses are stripped off.

If you are viewing this in the archive and would like to contact me, please
use the form at
and be sure to double-check that your e-mail address is typed in correctly.
You can include your address and phone number in the message area.

Private viewings of the collection can be scheduled by appointment before
or after the reception.

Other items in the gallery can be viewed at



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