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[BKARTS] Meyproid 680

"I'd never heard of it until your posting, let alone
used it, but happened to see it at:
http://www.bookmakerscatalog.com. I see that
is is used for paper-making, but what exactly do you
do with it?

Diane Nolting"


When you do paper repairs with pulp, you rip up
handmade paper into little pieces and put them in a
blender with water. You use an eyedropper to apply the
pulp to the page. It's good especially when you have a
lot of little repairs, like filling all the old sewing
holes in a book because it dosen't add any bulk. The
pulverized paper fibers on their own sink to the
bottom of the blender and get kinda clumpy. With the
Meyproid they are suspended in the water, so the pulp
you apply to the page is more evenly distributed in
the water mixture, and is therefore a better, more
even repair.

Bookmakers no longer has a supplier for it. I tried a
little methyl cellulose, but it dosen't work as well.


Clare Manias
(718) 383-0704


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