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Re: [BKARTS] Book Artists

Allison Quam wrote:

I am a Graduate Student at the University of Maryland
in the Master of Library Science Program. I am also a
letterpress printer of five years.  I am in a class
this summer that focuses on the information behaviors,
needs, and preferences of user groups.  One of our
projects is to conduct a survey with a particular user
group. The user group I have chosen is Book Artists.
Since I will soon be a Special Collections Librarian
who hopes to collect artists' books, the following
survey will help me to understand where Book Artists
look for information, and how I, as a librarian, can
make searching for information more accessible and

The following survey will only take a few minutes. I
would deeply appreciate your assistance with my
project. Your answers will remain confidential. Also,
please email me off the listserve at:


Thank you for your time.

Allison Quam
Graduate Assistant II
Department of English
University of Maryland


Book Artist Survey

1.What is your particular skill as a Book Artist? (Pick all that apply; delete those that do not)

Letterpress Printer
Bookbinder x
Illustrator (Relief, Intaglio, etc.)x
Other (please specify) kinetic sculptural books

2.Do you have an occupation other than Book Arts? What
is the occupation? Author and writer on subjects of art and artists, teacher of art , sculpture and related subjects,

research and experimental mixed media artist do comissioned wor

3.When you search for information about Book Arts,
where do you look?

Please choose one of the following numbers for each
source: 1 through 5 or N/A, where 1 is Not Useful, and
5 is Extremely Useful.

Email      1      2       3        4        5   N/A
Website/s  1      2       3        4        5x  N/A
Colleague  1      2       3        4        5x  N/A
Library    1      2       3        4        5x  N/A
Bookstore  1      2       3        4        5x  N/A

other sources include interdisciplinary subjects of all kinds

1 2 3 4 5x N/A

4. How many times do you consult these sources for information about Book Arts? Please pick one of the following for each source: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Less than Yearly.

Email:     Dailyx  Weekly  Monthly    Yearly   Less
Website/s: Daily  Weeklyx Monthly    Yearly   Less
Colleague: Daily  Weekly  Monthlyx   Yearly   Less
Library:   Daily  Weekly  Monthlyx   Yearly   Less
Bookstore: Daily  Weekly  Monthlyx    Yearly   Less
Other:     Daily  Weekly  Monthlyx   Yearly   Less

5. If you use the library to find information, does that library have a collection of Artists Books? xyes

6.If the library does collect Artists' Books, do you
look at them: (please pick all that apply)

For ideas for your own projects
For research on a particular artistx
To see what other Book Artists are working on x
Other (Please Specify) for general edification

7. What journals do you consult in regards to your Book Arts projects? art trade journals, news magazines, general magazines

8. In order to look at the journals, do you:(Pick all
that apply)

Go to the libraryx
Have a subscriptionx
Other (please specify)read randomly where ever I am

9.Are there any other journals that you would like to consult for your projects? More foreign journals

10. What Websites do you consult? (Please pick all that apply)

Book Artists' Organizationsx
Book Centersx
Online Supply Storesx
Other (Please Specify)Assorted places for materials and tools of the trade

11. Are there are any Websites that you would like to see developed? more experimental works

Thank you.

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                      Spring[binding]Hath Sprung
        Worldwide Springback Bind-O-Rama and Online Exhibition
           Full information at <http://www.philobiblon.com>
                  ENTRY DEADLINE -- September 1, 2004

     Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive at: <http://www.philobiblon.com>

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