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Re: [BKARTS] American Decorated Publishers' Bindings 1872-1929

Following a slew of inquiries about whether an online version would exist
or a catalog would be for sale, I have posted a preview of the exhibition


and one page of the catalog/essay at

That page is titled Book Art: The Hollywood Connection, and addresses some
of Amy's issues about how you tell the date of a publisher's binding (or
how you can't tell sometimes).

Eventually a paper catalog will be for sale. It may not be for a year or
more, depending on whether all the titles are as pernicious as this one. If
I had my druthers I'd just charge for page views and let everyone print
their own, but I don't have software for that.  If anyone knows how to do
that, please post the info, as it would be a great help to book artists
everywhere! I know it's possible, as it's done by nytimes.com and others.



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