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[BKARTS] Changes at the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts(Fall, 2004)

Changes at the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts
(Fall, 2004)

Over the past several years, Columbia College Chicago has gone through a
major restructuring, which has brought about a series of administrative
changes. The Graduate School and its affiliated programs are no exception.
Along those lines, the Center for Book & Paper Arts is also undergoing a

The original administrative model of the Center was based on small,
not-for-profit art centers with Executive Directors. (Not surprising,
since the Center grew out of two such organizations.) While this model
was quite useful in the initial creation of the Center, ten years later
it is becoming clear that it is time for the Center to become a standard
academic unit within the college. Effective this fall, the Center will
focus less on outside events and community classes, in order to better
focus on and provide service to the needs of Columbia College B.A., M.A.
and M.F.A. students.

Rather than reporting to a Director, staff of the Center now
report directly to the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Arts Department.
Questions about the use of the Center for events should likewise be
directed to the Chair, who will make decisions in conjunction with the
Community Coordinator (Anita Leverence). Bill Drendel, formerly the
Director, has accepted a new position as Gallery Coordinator,
under the new structure. As of September 1st, all correspondence to the
former gallery coordinator, Christopher Lynn, should be directed to Bill
Drendel. There will also be a new full-time faculty position created, who
will have responsibilities for coordinating the Center's interactions with
undergraduate education.

It is our hope that these changes will improve the quality of educational
experience at the Columbia Center for Book and Paper Arts, and ask for your
patience while we adapt to this new structure.  Any questions may be
directed to Suzanne Cohan-Lange, Chairperson of the Interdisciplinary Arts
Department, 312-344-7670.


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