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[BKARTS] Los Angeles Book Arts Center Corrections

My apologies to the artists whose names I butchered terribly here is the 
correct version of the announcement.

The Los Angeles Book Arts Center is pleased to host a free lecture by Esther 
K. Smith and Dikko Faust, owners of Purgatory Pie Press.  

Meet the artists and hear their unique take on letterpress, art, and as they 
call it, "this newfangled virtual eyewash".  Faust and Smith teach book arts, 
graphic design and letterpress at the Center for Book Arts in New York, Cooper 
Unions and City University of New York.  They've exhibited at the Victoria 
and Albert Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Harvard University.  They 
also produce artist books, wedding invitations and other letterpress wonders 
in their New York Studio.  

Please Join us on Thursday, August 12, 2004, at 7:00 PM at the Beverly Hills 
Public Library.  The library is located at 450 North Rexford Drive in Beverly 

We are also thrilled to announce that Esther K. Smith will be teaching Magic 
Books And Paper Toys on August 14 and 15.  Amaze your friends with an array of 
tricky book forms from a myriad of traditions.  Learn about hexiflexigons, 
magic wallets, flip/flaps, animations, origami-based structures and others, from 
quick models to finished books.  This is a hands on class that will run 9:30 
AM to 3:30 PM Saturday and Sunday.  Please call Lisa Deutsch at 
LAGourmet@xxxxxxx or (310) 657-2616 for class fee, space availability and location 

Please feel free to contact us at (310) 657-2616 for more information and be 
sure to visit our website at www.LABookArts.com for a full list of classes, 
events and all things book art.

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