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[BKARTS] Craig Dworkin's Dure

Cuneiform Press is pleased to announce the publication of :

            by Craig Dworkin

CRAIG DWORKIN is the author of Signature-Effects (Ghos-ti), Reading the Illegible (Northwestern), and Smokes (/ubu). Two poetry books, Parse (Atelos) and Strand (Roof Books), are forthcoming in 2005, as are two edited collections: Architectures of Poetry (Rodopi) and Language to Cover a Page (MIT). He teaches at the University of Utah and edits Eclipse and The UbuWeb Anthology of Conceptual Writing. 

Behold Dure! a book that wounds us and a wound that holds us as we hold it in our hands.  And yet who "we" are is not you and me, but I & I as readers.  To read Dure is to open one's eyes to the tears torn from them, as if by cutting the signatures of a text, like lifting the scales from your eyes, would make you see -- what "you" have done and what the "I" has done to the "you." Seeing is difficult, if not "hard" to endure, especially in a text incised with so many hard "C's" as if one were reading a surgery theory of grammar written by an Anglo-Saxon St. Jerome in his study, or Charles Sanders Parse.  In Dure, "Scarves carve curves" as a kind of "Scare tactics, semantics, skirt."  We are left with a sequence of lonely triplets that appear to have the lexical significance of a snare drum snapping out a flourish before the reader's execution -- "Cornea, carinha, cairn." The experience of reading Dure is like being able to see because you have had your cornea scratched -- as if seeing were marked by Morse code. 

-Gregg Biglieri

"Where the yellow spot is and where I am pointing with my finger, that is where it hurts." These words, culled from a self portrait sent to a doctor, signal Dworkin's point of departure for a masterful meditation on the life and death of Albrecht Durer. Dure is the first publication in our new trade-edition series. The typeface is Dyrynk, designed in 1929 by the Czech book artist Karel Dyrynk, & first issued in digital form by Richard Kegler of the P22 Type Foundry. Printed offset with full page spreads, black endpapers and bound perfectly.  

Produced in an edition of 200, and available for the very reasonable cost of $10 per copy (include $3 S&H/US or $5.00/overseas). Review copies, invoices and standing-order are always available.
Order directly from the Press at:
      Cuneiform Press
      383 Summer Street
      Buffalo, New York 14213
Thanks as ever for supporting Cuneiform Press and its authors!


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