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Re: [BKARTS] Edge Painting

 > how to set up the sheets (and what medium to use) to
> get the edges painted without bleeding.

It's easy. Put the invitations in a press and paint the edges with
anything-- water color, acrylic, automotive spray paint, Krylon enamel,
etc. If you use acrylic make it thin enough that it doesn't glue the
invitations together. Practice first on blanks of the same stock.

That's if it's just the edges you want done, like the edges of a book.

But often when a customer for invitations says "edges" they don't mean the
edge, they mean a border of some thickness on the face of the invitation,
at the edge.  This is commonly done by spraying with lacquer in a spray
booth.  It's also fairly simple.  You do 2 edges at a time, by fanning out
the stack so 2 edges are exposed of each invitation, with exactly the same
amount exposed of each.  Every invitation is a "mask" for the one below it,
and a piece of cardboard is put over the top one as a mask.  You spray, and
it dries almost instantly.  Then you rotate the stack and fan out the other
2 edges and do it again.  The whole thing just takes a few minutes.  If you
don't have a spray booth do it outdoors on a calm dry day and use an
organic vapor filter respirator.  You can get exactly the right one in an
auto parts shop or a good art supply store.  Automotive spray lacquers are
great for this and come in a wide range of flat and metallic colors. As you
get more experience you can do a larger stack in one shot.


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