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[BKARTS] kookii books

Dear List,
I'm a lurker, a writer, and a wannabe book artist - but with the emphasis on
the stories. I joined this list a couple of months ago, and although alot of
it goes over my head, you all seem so knowledgable (sp?) that i thought I'd
risk asking whether any of you would have two or three minutes to fill out a
short (one-page) questionnaire, as I'm trying to find out whether there is a
market for this kind of practice.
The questionnaire is at
http://www13.brinkster.com/sunnysideart/work/questionnaire.asp , and
there'll be a prize draw for a first edition kookii book, in a month or so.
Send an email with 'subscribe' (to also subscribe to the mailing list) or
'prize' in the subject header, to kookiibooks@xxxxxxxxxxx after you fill it
in. A paper version is also available on request.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, and thanks for taking the
time to read this.

Fiona mc Cashin

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