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Re: [BKARTS] Bargains ungalore

Jet Wimp wrote:
> ...the bidding took off into the
> stratosphere, fueled, I suspect, by seedy professional bookbinding
> types.
Ouch. Well I guess you told us. In point of fact, there's not to my
knowledge a cabal of seedy professionals just waiting to edge out
deserving novices in the acquisition of any kind of binding tools or
equipment. Either they went to binders who forsee a specific use for
them, or to collectors who, for better or worse, just like this kind of stuff.

>     Don't they make these things somewhere in China or Indonesia?  If
> the marketplace really operates in a free and unrestrained manner, why
> can't we find brass finishing tools  at Walmart?
Because they can't make an obscene amount of money. We're lucky that
there are still craftspersons who are willing to make these tools for
such a miniscule market. Same goes for the materials we use; the tanners
and papermakers work close to the financial edge, and we'd be in the
deep stuff if they chose to move on to more lucrative fields, which is
just about anything.

Lastly, I do think it a bit churlish to castigate the same folks who are
always very willing to share their knowledge with the list membership.

Don Rash


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