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[BKARTS] printing for eternity

Hi all concerned--
The problem is not eternity, which is fixed; nor time, which is simply the
moving image of eternity, but change-- and change is the only constant. The
printing or writing issue is mostly one of chemistry and communications over what
seems at issue here, a very long haul. I know of only a few instances where
time capsules have been unearthed and so what shows up for me is not the
printed/wrtien object so much as how it was contained- simply   sealing something
into a nitrogen atmosphere will go a long way toward making it remain
"unchanging" but it seems a "use by date" or "read by date" or "learn to read this before
your civilization slice terminates" would be more practical than the fuzzy
idea of an eternal language and its carrier. Life seems to be relentless and so
does corrosion.



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