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Re: [BKARTS] printing for eternity

I look towards the disc that was placed on the Vovager spacecraft for
guidance.  As I recall, this was a gold plated disc of some sort.   From this, the
target writing material should be gold plated.  Laser etching should serve as
the print engine.    So, take a sturdy, stable, clear material and deposit a
layer of gold on one side and seal it.  Then, through the clear material, "write"
on the gold with the laser.   Gee, sounds like something familiar....  a
CD-R!   Why not?

Taking this as a practical matter, I'm thinking that a high quality gold CD
would be the perfect candicate for an eternity page.  Of course, instead of
digital code, the etching would be in regular text.   I can't think of anyone
doing this, but there is no reason why it wouldn't work.  The quality of the
surface is so uniform that the text could be reduced to micro-dot level.  So, a
vast amount of data could be stored on a single CD, even in the real-world text

After writing to the CD-R, all that would be needed would be a bomb-flood-
fire-earthquake proof container for the CDs.  Which any local safe retailer
would be happy to provide.

Even if the problem was to produce something closer to regular sheets of
paper, I would still suggest the same basic technique.  Sandwich a thin sheet of
gold between two sheets of plastic and then laser etch the gold through the
plastic.   However, I love the idea of writiing text onto a CD-R.



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