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Re: [BKARTS] Arrowmont and other good schools


I'm teaching a 2 week life cast workshop there next
summer June 26th to
July 9th so stop in and introduce yourself.  Am working
on bringing
another Aussie book artist  here for some workshops and
lectures so will
post when dates are available and hope to arrange a
book arts conference
in the near future.  Just returned from teaching Book
Arts at  The
Clearing  (means clearing of the mind) in the tip of
the Door County
Peninsula  if you look at Lake Michigan on the map .
It is a poetic
place  designed by renowned  landscape  architect  Jens
Jenson.  www.
theclearing.org     Arrowmont and the Clearing are
both different but
great places.  I've been doing life casts to serve as
props for  one-of-
a-kind sculptural books.  Takes them into the third
  Wondering where in TN or NC you live?  Have many
friends there.

JMP Atelier
joan michaels paque


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