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Re: [BKARTS] printing for eternity

In a message dated 8/12/04 8:45:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
t.a.brown@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<<  And, the CD,
 originally tauted as an extremely long-term storage medium, is now known
 to deteriorate, sometimes in just a decade or two, and people
 responsible for data storage feel compelled to refresh their data
 periodically by burning fresh copies.

Oh great, the rat hole about how long CDs will last.  Like I said last time,
the Bereau of Standards is now (finally) undertaking testing of CDs, since
something like 90% of government information is now stored on CDs.  So, for those
with a real interest in the subject can make a call on the Bureau of
Standards for information.    In the mean time, Kodak medical CDs have been tested
(accelerated aging) to last in excess of 100 years.

NB: there are very few items, of any sort, that can be successfully tested to
last 100 years.  Books, film, you name it, just aren't going to hold up under

For me, one of the best tests of the durablity of a well-made CD can be found
at the public library.  A friend dropped by with some very old music CDs that
he found at the library and he wanted me to make copies of them  These CDs
have been through hell.  All were heavily scratched and were easily some of the
most abused CDs I had ever seen.  Some were made in the '70s.  9 out of 10 CDs
copied without error. On the one that had problems it only failed on the last
track which was near the edge.  Even that  track would have worked if we had
resurfaced the disc.  The idea of CDs wearing out is a myth.



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