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Re: [BKARTS] printing for eternity

J. Camille Nischal wrote:

How about engraving metal? If you know someone who is a jeweler, they
generally have tools that can easily and efficiently engrave letters in
gold or another metal.

There's a laser device called the VersaLaser <http://http://www.versalaser.com/> controlled by a PC that will etch metal using any standard Windows graphics program. It costs $10,000.

Incidentally, someone scoffed at the "myth" of CD data loss. It's not a
myth. I have several CDs that can no longer be read. It's not just a
question of resurfacing. They've developed mold spots that go all the
way through the substrate. Rewritable CDs are especially fragile. CDs
require appropriate storage conditions for optimum data retention.

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