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Re: [BKARTS] printing for eternity

In a message dated 8/13/04 2:57:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
siegel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Incidentally, someone scoffed at the "myth" of CD data loss. It's not a
 myth. I have several CDs that can no longer be read. It's not just a
 question of resurfacing. They've developed mold spots that go all the
 way through the substrate >>

Of course it's a myth, otherwise there wouldn't be so many people absolutely
convinced of it. The truth is rarely as interesting as the myth.

In anycase, MOLD on a CD!  Did it have a paper label?     Here's a tip: Few
means of retaining data are going to hold up for any length of time in an
enviroment where mold is growing.  So, don't store your CDs, or anything else you
want to keep, in a moldy enviroment.

What's next?  Hey, my CD lost it's data after I set it on fire!   Get real



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