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Re: [BKARTS] printing for eternity

It's all so ethnocentric and egocentric, as well as immersed in hubris.

We've already sent messages into space that should have minimal loss due to
friction between their electromagnetic particle properties and interstellar
and intergalactic dust, or distortion of their wave properties due to
stellar and planetary magnetic fields. So in a few billion years the
information in these messages should still be decodable by someone a
quarter of the way across the known (or believed) universe, if anyone out
there is building tv's or whatever, and they may still be able to watch
Ernie Kovacs.

It's fun to look at these ideas of "eternity" as conceptual art, but if we
continue on the path of stimulating a fear-based world power structure
based on material gain rather than a love and ethics based policy of
cooperative fulfillment, then the nuclear annihilation we built those
fallout shelters now turned wine cellars for in the 50's may be full of
drunk survivors.



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