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[BKARTS] caution about pre-mixed hide glues

    I love hide glues, but they're a mess to work with.  I thought I
wold try one of the already mixed varieties, (Titebond Liquid Hide
    Some of you may have better luck with this product for use in
bookbinding than I did, but it didn't work AT ALL for me.
    Two big problems:

1)  Almost non-existent paper to paper adhesion (amazing, for a product
that calls itself a hide glue.)
2)  A tack time that is, apparently, infinite.  (Some work I did a week
ago is still sticky.)

    Admittedly, the product recommends itself for furniture repair, but
that's what hide glues are used for as well.
    I don't know whether this product even has any hide glue in it.
Contents are ammonium rhodanate and dicyanodiamide.  I am fairly
knowledgeable about chemistry, but the first compound was a complete
mystery to me.  A compound of rhodium?  Seems unlikely.


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