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Re: [BKARTS] Karnak

Hi Greg,
    So nice to hear from you and get your generous offer. I am doing a book/
board game, more an artists' book thing about Scrabble and I think Karnak
light might just go great with the faux scrabble tiles and their sans serif face.
So here's my fax # 847-446-6168.

    Another question. I bought an unbound copy of the Sherwin Beach Press work
Innocence Abroad thinking I would sew it myself and case it in, ha! So it has
been sitting here for over a year. It's 2 volumes, pretty hefty and I can't
tackle it and don't want to. One volume has 18 sections and 2nd has 15. I would
pick out a nice innocuous book cloth and you can hot stamp the title in
something that goes with cloth. What would this come to, ballpark?
Best to you guys at the Bindery,


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