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Re: [BKARTS] backing cloth]

RE: There was a HUGE discussion of precisely this topic a few months ago on
list.  One method which was suggested to me--- which turned out to be quite
successful--- was to use Pellon Wonder Under (obtainable at Walmart, for
instance) to fuse to the fabric.  The fabric can then be used to bind books.
I used his for some exotic batik fabric from Indonesia, and it worked well.

I have worked for the last few months with and without fabric interfacing,
and have found that, unless you're using black or dark colored cloth, it is
better to just not bother at all. I mean, we found that the price of the
interfacing cut into our costs, and that the paste we used washed off of the
surface of the fabric quite well with a damp cloth. I do recommend pressing
with something between the cloth and the bookpress itself, as if any seepage
does occur, it will stick to the press and ruin the finish, especially if
the press is made of unfinished wood, as mine is.

Fabric interfacing can be used as long as it is the right weight for the
fabric you're gluing. It will pucker and the glue will not stick (bubble) n
places if you're not careful. I've also found that on brocade fabric, the
shrinkage is often more than expected after steaming and pressing the

Just my thoughts.

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