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Re: [BKARTS] Plexiglas

I have done several books with plexiglas. One was a light weight Plexiglas that sealed in sand on the cover. You can see it at www.mysticalplaces.com/dunes.html. I found that "The Ultimate!" by Crafter's Pick found at Michaels worked great. it is a water based contact cement, I coated the plex and the fabric let dry a bit than put together.

The other plexiglass cover I drilled very small holes and sewed to the first page of the accordion folded text block.

On Aug 19, 2004, at 7:31 AM, William Minter wrote:

> Hi,
> Do any of you have any experience using plexiglas as the cover of a
> book?
> A client has a unique design where a portion of the endsheet is to be
> seen.
> I am looking for an adhesive for leather and bookcloth on the outside,
> and for a portion of the pastedown on the inside. I may use a
> double-sided tape, acrylic adhesive, but wonder about PVA or other
> adhesives (the plexiglas would be abraded to assist adhesion).
> Thanks,
> Bill Minter

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