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[BKARTS] Michael Chrisman Arrested, Book Binder and Conservator

Michael Leroy Chrisman has been arrested in Los Angeles, California.  Mr.
Chrisman, a bookbinder, conservator, and book seller,  formally of
Philadelphia has been charged with four felonies, including theft, theft by
deception, selling stolen property,etc.

At this time, he is awaiting extradition back to Philadelphia.  This should
take somewhere in the vicinity of two to three weeks.

The City of Philadelphia police department is still collecting evidence.
The number of victims, has been increasing.  The claims are from $165 to
over $20,000.  Mr. Chrisman's, Modis operandi was to accept payment for work
without doing it, accepting books to repair without giving them back,
ordering book binding supplies without paying for them, this is a small
example of things is has done.  More serious charges rise to 3 felony
charges with damages arising to over $15,000 each.

Please get in touch with Detective John Merill of the City of Philadelphia
Police department at (215) 686-3093 or 3094, if you have been victimized by
Mr. Chrisman.

In several weeks, more details will be made public.


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