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[BKARTS] rebinding a broken paperback binding

Well, it's happened: through constant reading and leaving the book
open, my 8 year-old has broken the binding of my beloved Calvin &
Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book. He's also done this to one of his Capt'n
Underpants books, so I figure the time is ripe for me to learn to
"fix" broken paperback bindings.

Recommended techniques and pointers to online tutorials are welcome.

For removing the adhesive, I'm hoping that using a methyl cellulose
poultice and paper knife will work. I know that conservation labs,
when doing a double-fan binding,  will use a guillotine to prepare
the text block (chop off the adhesive), but I've been wondering if a
lying press and plough can also be used for this job. (Not that I
have either.)

Which brings me to this query:
My next "big" investment will be in a finishing press. Is there one
that can be used as a job backer and lying press as well? I've looked
at the Bindery in  a Box Web site and golly, that looks neat, and
well, it costs less than my iMac, but at this point I don't need a
sewing frame and nipping press (already got one) as I do a
finishing/backing/lying press. It says that you can get the lying
press and plough separately. Any suggestions welcome. I'm a
home-based amateur interested primarily in book repair.

---Amy West


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