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Re: [BKARTS] rebinding a broken paperback binding

For removing the adhesive, I'm hoping that using a methyl cellulose
poultice and paper knife will work. I know that conservation labs,
when doing a double-fan binding,  will use a guillotine to prepare
the text block (chop off the adhesive), but I've been wondering if a
lying press and plough can also be used for this job. (Not that I
have either.)

       Many trade paperbacks are bound with hot-melt adhesives.  If
you have a tacking iron you could try heating up the adhesive to
soften it.  Steam also works but can be more difficult to work with
as the heat dissipates more quickly.

Alternatively, many of the adhesives used get brittle with age and
you could try dismantling the text block simply by removing each page
as if it were a note pad.

Which brings me to this query: My next "big" investment will be in a finishing press.

       I've seen home made versions that make use of carriage bolts
and wing nuts.  Google image search shows this one

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