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[BKARTS] Book arts/ book binding (related) workshops for children

<Please respond directly to the original poster at <azurek@xxxxxxxxxxx>


This is Bookpress, publisher of artists' books and limited editions.

We also organize book arts fair. (You may check Seoul International Book
Arts Fair that director of Bookpress, Narae Kim organized at:
http://www.bookarts.pe.kr/main.php?i_main=gallery4&i_top=book )

We are gathering information for our next book project, "Making Book Story-

As the title suggests, our next book is a book arts book for children and
we would like to dedicate one chapter to introducing book arts/
bookbinding/ book repair/etc. workshops abroad.

The reason we would like to introduce children's book arts (related)
workshops abroad is simple.  As book arts has gained publicity in Korea
recently,  parents who seek for educational and creative art lessons are
very much interested in book arts lesson for children. By introducing good
book arts workshops made abroad as examples, we aim to be of use in
developing systematic book arts education in Korea.

If you have/ know of book arts or book arts related workshops for children
open year round,  please give us your website address (where we could check
workshop description and schedule) along with contact info or forward this
email to someone who could be interested in this.

Your promt reply would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes,


Please direct all information or any question (regarding our publishing or
exhibition project) to Janet (azurek@xxxxxxxxxxx) or Narae Kim(director of
Bookpress, bookarts@xxxxxxxxxxx).

"¿ì¸® ÀÎÅͳÝ, Daum" http://www.daum.net ¡ºÆò»ý¾²´Â ¹«·á ÇѸÞÀϳݡ»


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