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[BKARTS] Fwd: H-ISLAMART:Negotiating the Intersections of Art and Text

I hadn't seen this posted on the bookbinding lists, but some members
may find it to be of interest.  Please respond to the email at the

Jake Benson
Benson's Hand Bindery
Columbia, S.C.

The Society for Art History and Archaeology at the University of
Illinois/Urbana-Champaign will sponsor a graduate student symposium
entitled "Negotiating the Intersections of Art and Text." Linda Seidel
(University of Chicago) will be the keynote speaker. Session topics
include: New Media; Hybrids of Art and Text, Powerplay: Intersections of
Art and Text, Text vs. Image/Image vs. Text, Pictorial/Textual
Representation in the Twentieth Century, and From Text to Image. The
symposium will take place September 17-18 at UIUC. For more details,
including a list of speakers and papers, see the contact information and
website below.

Jordana Moore (jemoore2@xxxxxxxx) or Charlotte Bauer-Smith
Visit the website at:


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